Mar 112016

I haven’t been maintaining my website as often as I should. It’s difficult when drawing time is such a precious commodity! ‘Must try harder’, inscribes my inner critic.

Sunny Bank Site Map

So, to begin the catching-up process, here is a picture map that I made for the Clearmapping Company. I started freelancing for this Falmouth-based cartography company about  two years ago. Although a lot of the work has been standard map-based illustration I do get the odd commission which allows me to use my imagination and drawing skills-which is fun!

This client wanted a map of their land which is next to Coniston Water in the Lake District. The original map is totally black and white, but I’ve added a bit of blue in the sky and the water, because I can… It’s actually drawn to scale ~ at least the land features are, not the houses, trees and sheep!