map drawing of Coniston Water

Clear Mapping

I’m currently freelancing for a Falmouth-based cartography and design company called the Clear Mapping Company. It’s owned and run by Caroline Robinson. Most of the work is standard map illustration, but I also get the chance to do more pictorial work.

Matterhorn area mapNorth Svalbard Map

Explore Worldwide

From 1998 to 2011 I made maps and illustrations for one of the market leaders in adventure travel. Explore specializes in exciting and remote locations so the backgrounds were researched from existing topographical maps and were coloured and shaded by hand using Adobe Photoshop. The first map above is an example of a detailed background map showing the topography, hydrography and glaciation of the Valais Alps in Switzerland. It’s inspired by the classical Swiss cartography of Eduard Imhof. The second map shows the topography and glaciation Northwest Svalbard. Details such as places visited and routes, (not shown here), were made using Adobe Illustrator and were fully editable if route changes needed to be made.

Explore 08 Eclipse map

Explore Beyond

This is a vector-based map made using Adobe Illustrator showing the viewing locations for the Explore 2008 Solar Eclipse tour program.

Antarctic Peninsula to Tierro del Fuego Map

Explore Tailormade

Tailormade is a sister company of Explore. They do bespoke travel to more unusual locations and I made specialist maps for them. This is a vector-based map showing locations for an Antarctica expedition, made using Adobe Illustrator. The map contour areas were made in orange to fit in with the website’s colour scheme.

WF 2 col template 30.11.8Patagonia MapK2 Trek

Wild Frontiers

Wild Frontiers is a new adventure travel company founded by the acclaimed travel writer Jonny Bealby. They approached me in 2007 to design bespoke route maps for their portfolio of exciting itineraries.

Nigeria map

Project map of Nigeria

Shows major cities of Nigeria prominently with national parks, provinces and selected geological features visible in the background. Made in layers using Adobe Illustrator, the map can be made to cycle to view different areas of interest.

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