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Bad Cats - PugsleyRose Chafer BeetleDissection TangoThe Herbalist, Ginny LittleCity viewCat with sage eyes and pansey flowersDrawing of a black & white cat with jasmine by Beth Cook

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link to designs galleryLittle Dancing God5 Lucky Bats6 spot burnet moth'squaring the circle'Belching Beaver

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Matterhorn mapNorth Svalbard MapLhasa to KashgarK2 TrekNigeria map Explore 08 Eclipse mapMap of ShrewsburyMap of Stoke FieldSunny Bank Site mapLine drawing map of Shrewsbury area

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Power button dog iconUSB_Rat_w100sq6spot_burnet_button_w100sqReduce ReducedIllustration of a beautiful cowRed Admiral on Canvas

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link to photos galleryOne Stone SunsetSand Sun & PurpleWhite Lily 3xLeaf SkeletonDeer Tracks

I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for many years now, consequently there is a lot of work to sort through while I’m making this website. The gallery is my attempt at presenting some of it in a web-friendly form and to be honest, a bit of a project continually under construction as I try to find the time to add old work and to present new pieces. Something of a challenge as well as I’m finding that details of large pictures tend to get lost behind the computer screen. On the other hand it’s interesting how different the digital world is from the physical one, so that it effects yet another change of form to an idea. I hope I’ve succeeded in making some of my pictures presentable for you.

I grew up with Photoshop and Illustrator so they are as natural to use as paper and pencils and I’ll often switch into and between physical and digital methods when I’m working on something. So there might be several versions of the same image idea in different formats… I will try to make a note in the descriptions if this is the case. The limiting factor here is time as working is always preferable to archiving.

There are a fair number of images so an attempt at organization had to be made. I’ve sorted them into 5 sections; pictures, designs, maps, icons and photos. Some of the images might fit into more than one section but I’ve tried to be sensible. There is a huge number of images, and thousands of maps, so I’ve had to be selective. There is also whatever artwork that I might be doing at the moment, which will appear in a post on its own page, called  in progress.

So there it is, the tinymoth gallery, a digital portfolio of my work. And it’s called tinymoth… sorry if it’s confusing but the idea to give it a name is the same as the impulse to name a boat or an aircraft.


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