Jan 182017

Baudelaire paints striking pictures with his poetry. Recently I’ve been trying to learn french and was given the poem Les Hiboux, from Les Fleurs du Mal, to translate. The words weave a spell, entranced I decided to try to illustrate them.

Les Hiboux

Sous les ifs noirs qui les abritent

Les hiboux se tiennent rangés

Ansi que des dieux étranges

Dardant leur oeil rouge. Ils méditent


Sans remuer ils se tientront

Jusqu’à l’heure mélancholique

, poussant le soleil oblique

Les les ténèbres s’éstabliront.


Leur attitude au sage enseigne

Qu’il faut en ce monde qu’il craigne

Le tumulte et le mouvement.


L’homme ivre d’une ombre qui passe

Porte toujours le châtiment

D’avoir voulu changer de place.


hand written notes on Baudelaire's poem Les Hibou

This is my handwritten attempt at a translation and initial notes for picture ideas. I don’t usually have the time for personal projects but the owls have been haunting me. I’m hoping that the design will mark a change in direction for my illustration work to a more individual style.

Update 02/05/17

This is a rough sketch of Baudelaire and Jeanne Duval en ‘le tumulte et le mouvement’. I’m now constructing the rest of the world of the poem around their motion.

pencil sketch of Jean Duval and Baudelaire

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